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Post Press Sales Opportunites
While we are seeing a gradual downturn in offset printed pages, the number of digitally printed pages is on an upturn. While we read a great deal about e-marketing, using social media as a way to advertise, there seems to be a trend back to using printed-on-paper products as a companion to the electronic media. (more)

Wide Format Predictions for 2015
Putting Production and Emerging Technology in the Hands of Users -

an IDC Report by Tim Greene

The wide format digital printing market is always evolving, and we expect nothing less in 2015. There are several very compelling product and technology trends that IDC believes will really take hold this year in the wide format market both for signage and graphics producers, and on the buyer side which will impact the technology selection choices (more)

"Selling the Sizzle!" -
by Bob Licari, DevLex International

There was a time when sales people could close a lot of business when doing an equipment demonstration with the Age Old, "KISS" Concept (keep it simple stupid). It worked. BUT sales improved when we were introduced to Elmer Wheeler, the age old master salesman who taught us, +. "Sell The Sizzle". (more)

Does Your Sales Team Bring Enough Value to Your Customers? -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Twenty percent of your customers are loyal, and eighty percent are satisfied. Satisfied customers will shop. Sales representatives are on the front line of the battle to block threats and prevent customers from defecting. To prevent competitors from getting a toehold in your accounts, sales people need superior project management skills to ensure jobs are consistently produced correctly and on time. Plus, they must continually bring new value to clients. (more)

Feet Don't Fib -
by Mary A. Redmond

I can usually spot a liar. Am I psychic or did I check my crystal ball before a meeting? Of course not. My secret---I read feet. I understand what American essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson knew, that "Your body speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you are saying." Often times we hear words of encouragement from a prospect and think that it's time to close the sale. We hear phrases such as "Great demo, Chris." "Wow, that price seems reasonable." "You've made some very interesting points." What you don't watch is that their body is screaming, No, No, No. (more)

Is There A Future For Graphic Arts And Wide Format Dealers?
Thanks to an internet surfing dealer, we recieved this article with a note: "Although this article speaks of car dealers, I know you guys at Dealer Communicator will see it as a MESSAGE to be SHARED. "Do We Really Need Car Dealerships Anymore?" Read this in Popular Mechanics and it got me wondering whether or not, we in the Print & Imaging industries could ask that same question? (more)

Getting On A Regular Social Media Schedule -
by John Foley, Jr.

5,700 tweets are sent every second. 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. Over 3 million businesses have LinkedIn Company Pages. There are 1.01 billion users on Google+.* If it's not already clear, your dealership can benefit greatly from having a presence on social media. (more)

How Today's Distribution Partners Add Value
by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

The supply chain has changed. Early in my sales career I learned the stock joke about sales people; they did the least and got the most. The same joke was told about the middleman wholesale distributor. Through the 1970s distributors were rewarded for whom they knew, for getting placement. (more)

Service Recovery: Handling the screw-up -
by John Tschohl
When you screw up (and we all do) you can count on customers contacting you to let you know what you've done. If it's a phone call, you can expect to hear ranting and raving and people saying things that are rude and inappropriate. If they are in your place of business, they will confront you face-to-face and it's up to you how to diffuse the situation and put a smile on that customer's face. (more)

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