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APRIL 2015

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Platemaking Keeps Offset Printing Alive. Opportunities For Dealers
A disruptive innovation is an idea or development that eventually displaces an earlier technology. Offset platemaking and proofing technologies fit this definition as all graphic arts dealers know.(more)

New Tech in Wide Format Drives New Revenue
by Tim Greene

Dealers supporting the wide format market have to stay up to date on the ever changing technologies that manufacturers bring to market, because new technology helps wide format print service providers increase sales and profits. (more)

Equipment Dealerships Face Difficult Challenges In Todays Markets -
by Bob Licari, BrainSell Services

Anyone who has been in the business for the last 10 years or more will tell you, business isn't what it used to be! Although this may be a common complaint, let's look at it from an objective point of view. (more)

Boost Your Sales In 30 Minutes That Is! -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Yes, this can be done but you will need to be an active and willing participant!- We aren't talking about 30 minutes in the day you are used to working, we are asking you to invest an extra 30 minutes! (more)

Are they Glad to See Me?
When is it a True Smile or Hollywood Photo Op?-

by Mary A. Redmond

Even though your customer is smiling when you walk in the door, can you tell if they're truly pleased to see you? When is a smile not a real smile?"(more)

5 More Marketing Traps To Avoid -
by John Foley, Jr.

As I discussed last month, your marketing materials are your dealership's representatives, telling your story and making first impressions on your behalf. You need to make sure they are making a great first impression for you as a dealer. So, to help you achieve this and make your marketing materials the best they can be, here are five more marketing traps you need to avoid.(more)

Sell More With Persuasive Presentations -
by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

If you, and your sales team, desire increased sales+ If you, and your sales team, want to do this without increasing call frequency+ You only have one choicecexcel at persuasive presentations! (more)

The knowledge a clever consultant brings to a project
is the real value in ensuring a balanced return on investment

In February 2015 a fellow consultant I know asked me to stop by a client of his to review a situation and talk with the owner of the company. I have known this consultant, Don (not his real name) for 18 years, having met him just one year after I started my own consulting company. (more)
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