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JULY 2014

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Can A Graphic Arts Dealer Be Successful Selling
In The New Digital Printing World?
In an era of change, we need to remind ourselves that customers are no longer defined by the type of business they run, but by the people using the equipment and supplies. Therefore, we also need to adjust our services to offer technology - software and hardware along with the training and support that goes with the products the customer base is buying. (more)

There Still Are Opportunites For Dealers
In Scanning Equipment Sales

Sometimes reported trends can be misleading and opportunities are lost. One trend is that we are in a digital age and the need to convert analog pieces is almost dead. Not true!(more)

Can A Mailing Equipment Dealer
Do Well Selling Supplies? -

by Bob Licari, DevLex International

The bottom line for an Equipment Dealer is Profit. In order to generate profitable sales, every good equipment sales person has to reinvent him/herself each day to find new prospects and then turn them into Customers. If you take care of existing customers and support the equipment you sell them, it is likely that when the time comes for an upgrade, or a new machine purchase, more than likely they'll think of you. (more)

Frame Customer Problems To Create A Selling Advantage -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Problem framing is an important skill for sales professionals. A good framework helps customers narrow down and focus on what they really want to fix. The salesperson who does the best job of helping the customer frame their problem is also the forerunner in the race to propose the right solution and make the sales. (more)

You Lied To Me? -
by Mary A. Redmond

People say, "I know when someone is lying." Others relate that they get a gut feeling when in the presence of a prevaricator. Some believe liars won't look you in the eyes. Those folks never faced off with those big brown liquid-filled eyes of a 3-year old who said, "No mommy, I didn't break the glass." (more)

Grow Your Business With Smart Marketing Alliances
by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

In most Smart Marketing Alliances you will either be the provider of a product/service or the provider of sales/distribution capabilities. Either of the two necessary components of your marketing alliance will be the core competency you bring to the relationship. Pulling together competencies from two companies really does deliver more combined opportunity than would be available singularly. (more)

5 Tips For A Great Website Homepage -
by John Foley, Jr.

A great website begins with an effective homepage. If someone were to visit your company's website, what do you think their initial reactions are? Are they able to easily determine the services that your company offers? Is your company utilizing the full potential of your homepage? Here are five key aspects that every homepage should include. (more)

Social Media - Good Or Bad For Our Industry? -
by Shane Drew
Social media has become well and truly entrenched in people's lives these days, and the general computer user and more importantly businesses, have seen the popularity grow from its nerdy-ness into the phenomenon it is today. (more)

A Brief but Informative Report On The Happenings At New Force Magnetics
Although not a crowded segment of the graphics industry, there are a number of companies marketing magnets in one form or another. This report today, focuses on New Force Magnetics with a comment from its President-CEO, Jack Nellessen. Within a span of just a few years in business to date, New Force Magnetics Co. has gained a position in the industry that leaves many others wondering what the company will offer next to advance its lead. (more)

Survey Results Provide Wide-Reaching View Of The State Of Specialty Graphics Businesses
The results of SGIA's Specialty Imaging Industry Survey are available now! Designed to create an accurate snapshot of our diverse industry, these exclusive reports - one each for the graphic & sign and garment decoration communities - offer the most up-to-date statistical information for businesses. (more)
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