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There are Profits in Magnets - Check it out
As a regular reader of Dealer Communicator (DC) you know that we constantly look for products to focus on that present selling opportunities for graphic arts and wide format dealers. Consumables, of course, lead the parade for generating ongoing revenue streams.(more)

Should You Be In 3D Printing? -
by Tim Greene

IDC expects shipments of new 3D printers to nearly double in 2014, and as the market grows office equipment, sign supplies, and other technology dealerships are looking at 3D printing to see whether and how they can participate in its dynamic growth. The first thing that many dealers wonder about 3D printing is whether there is a real market there or if the buzz around the technology is merely hype. Make no mistake, there is a lot of hype. IDC recently got to interview several dealers and manufacturers to talk about 3D printing and where the market is now and a few themes came through. (more)

What there is to be learned at Trade Shows and Why they are so Important to Successful Dealers -
by Bob Licari, DevLex International

In today's world you need to stay on the top of "your game" using all the resources available to you. Without this calculated effort you will not stay relevant in today's fast changing markets. Competition breeds progress it is said, but only if all the parties involved are somewhat aware of what the other is doing. You would be selling products or services without knowing if what you have is really good or not. (more)

How To Redirect A Conversation When Work Friends Whine -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Don't you get tired of selling coworkers who constantly complain? "The market is terrible. The company has quality or service problems. Prices are too high. Cold calling doesn't work. The company doesn't do enough marketingaor the right marketingato get quality leads." It's not a complainer's fault that they don't have any business. It's everybody else's. (more)

Neanderthal Negotiators -
by Mary A. Redmond

Bullies are alive and some live in Kansas. Bullies take no hostages and revel in unearned victories. The Fearless Negotiator met her match in the form of a 250 pound, 6'6"' car repair shop owner and his tow truck cave man accomplice. My mission was to help get a friend's car out of the repair shop following an accident. My girl friend and I entered the body shop, introduced ourselves and shook hands. That was the last cave man's civil act. (more)

The 5 C's for Building A Successful Business -
by Marsha Friedman

Small businesses have made a huge recovery since the economic crash in 2008 and that's good news for all of us. Since we account for 63 percent of new jobs, our success puts people back to work. That, in turn, helps us even more a people with paychecks buy stuff! And here's more good news: The number of new businesses launching has grown each year since hitting a low in 2009. One report put it at 540,000 new businesses a month this year. (more)

What Is Inbound Marketing? -
by John Foley, Jr.

Every dealer dreams of those "easy" sales, the sales where customers virtually fall into your lap. Don't we all want to find that customer who nods at everything we say, knowing that we are the experts and the best solution to their needs? The reality is you likely work hard for every customer you get to that point of the sale. But what if that hard work really involved laying the ground work so that over time, those customers really do fall into your lap? (more)
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