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Proofing: Opportunities for Dealers in Traditional and Digital Printing
It sometimes seems that some printing technologies have reached a plateau meaning the market is saturated with products or new technologies have obsoleted older ones. However, what also happens is that products get updated to provide better results and there is a good market for updates and replacement products. (more)

Digital Printing and New Rigid Substrates Energize Market -
by Tim Greene

Some of the research we're doing suggests that rigid substrates make up about 30percent of the wide format digital print media mix. Over time, that 30% number has varied quite a bit depending on what types of service-providers we survey and what types of digital printing equipment they have. It only makes sense that as the installed base of wide format UV-curable inkjet printers featuring flatbed printing capabilities increases, the demand for rigid print media (often referred to as substrates) would also increase. (more)

Does a Dealership Need To Advertise? -
by Bob Licari, DevLex International

The headline question is critical to every dealer/distributor. Why? Because today's customers are "market educated." Most are aware of what they want and who the players are in the industry. End-user customers whether traditional printers or wide format printers are well advised and armed with the internet as a research tool. Let's be clear about one thing, You Establish Your Brand As A Supply or Equipment Dealer With Print Ads, Mailed Flyers, and Free News Releases in Industry Papers like Dealer Communicator, AND, you let customers do their homework on your website! (more)

Pushing Start On Emotional Engines To Drive Sales -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down at your desk, ready to work. There's a message from your boss in your email inbox that reads, "Congratulations. Your sales numbers were great last month. What do you think you'll do this month?" The message triggers a quick mental review of the opportunities in your pipeline. Not much there. Happiness vanishes and apprehension descends like a dark cloud. Your chest tightens and your heart, beating steady and slow a moment ago, thumps at twice its normal speed. (more)

Trade Shows Season: Be the Buzz -
by Mary A. Redmond

You hate standing around waiting in your company tradeshow booth hoping a prospect walks up and wants to buy your product. Year after year, you do the same things with the hope that this show will be different. In the booth, you may do some of the following things: (more)

Want the Alliance, or What it Gets You? -
by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

Too frequently business people get confused as to the end game. They get derailed into thinking it is the conduit that they want rather than what the conduit delivers. The quintessential story about the drill; where as one buys the drill for what the drill will get them-a hole in something. (more)

3 Reasons To Have An eNewsletter -
by John Foley, Jr.

An eNewsletter has become a common practice for many dealers, and you probably get at least a few delivered to your inbox every month. They are relevant in nearly every industry, and allow for tracking of clicks and opens. It is a powerful weapon in every marketing department's arsenal. (more)

Are You A Shy Dealer When Networking at Trade Shows?
SUMMARY: OK, you left your business and spent all this money to attend the show. Your goal: To network for your company, and learn as much as you can from speakers and exhibitors. But, because of your shyness, your investment is a waste. Here are some tips that will change wasted time to networking gains beyond your wildest dreams: (more)

Autonomy Over Automation -
by Steven Barrett

Manufacturing is one of the fastest changing parts of our society. Developments in products, materials, processes and procedures all have the ability to upset the status quo and usher in a new way of thinking about the same old stuff. Things don't stop once we improve a process, instead they improve again. Today we'll look at how automatic machines are now becoming autonomous.
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